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Starcraft 2 Patch 2.0.4 Now Available Ahead of Heart of the Swarm Release
The User Interface layout, art, and graphic ... input loss, or other abnormal causes. Improved Score Screen and Statistics - Performance tab now tracks gameplay stats such as Average Unspent Resources, Time Supply Capped, Workers Created, and APM.
Tips for a sustainable school year
A shopping excursion is a great opportunity to look for arts and crafts supplies made with recycled materials ... bleachers and playground equipment with recycled plastics, wood and other materials. These durable products can last for many ...
York County art school owner teaches sharing of artistic gifts along with how to paint
I don't work for them, they just allow me to use their craft room to teach in. I order all my students' supplies for the school from them. Parents still want to enhance their child's talents outside the school art room. This has not changed ...
Police trying to ID man who passed bogus check at Lufkin craft store
Surveillance video captured a black male passing a check on a non-existent bank account to purchase arts and crafts supplies and other home décor items. The videos show that the suspect is a heavy-set, black male wearing a brown, plaid-print ...
State of the arts (and crafts): Grove Park Inn conference celebrates Arts and Crafts ideals
It’s one quietly woven throughout the city and carried on in modern incarnations — Arts and Crafts. It was a design motif ... N.Y., was sought out by Fred Seely (Edwin Wiley’s son-in-law) to supply the furniture for the new inn.
Ancient Wax Technique Gains New Fans
Denver artist Jamie Lang sold nearly all of his small, handmade tiles during a recent crafts show, and he can only guess ... Lang said after the show in Boulder, Colo., while other artists packed up their wares to take home.